(Meetings held in the Polo Clubhouse unless otherwise noted on the posted Notice)
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2020 Significant Item(s)
1/28 Projects
2/25 Leaks, Lockbox, Lighting
3/31 ZOOM: Appoint new member  
4/15 ZOOM: Emergency Meeting: Bank signatories
4/28 ZOOM: COVID, Plumbing
5/19 ZOOM: Cannabis, Attorney, FHA, Lockbox, Leaks
5/27 ZOOM: Special Meeting: To interview new attorney
6/23 Annual Meeting
9/22 Reserve Study Review
10/27 Annual Budget/Disclosures/Review
11/17 Annual Budget/Disclosures/Approve
12/15 If needed)
The Board Meeting & Agenda is also posted at the central HOA Bulletin Board adjacent to the mailboxes four (4) days prior to the scheduled Board meeting - the notice is in a prominent location that is accessible to all members. 
  • Minutes of Board meetings are available to owners within 30 days. They should be requested from the Designated Agent by email or downloaded from this site by clicking the meeting date above
  • Minutes for PAST years' meetings.
Board of Directors:                                                                                                             
Jim Mannoia, Acting President
Robyn Geddes, Treasurer & Building Committee                                                                      
Lynette Hall, Landscape Committee
Catherine Lee
Ted Feckel                                                                                                                               
1. Communication TO the board:
The name and address of the Designated Agent to Receive Official Communications on behalf of the Association is as follows:
Las Canchas Homeowners’ Association
Patti Walters, CCAM  P Walters & Company  6796 Rincon Road  Carpinteria, CA 93013
Email:  805-689-8485
2. Communication FROM the board (depending on the item; See CC&Rs for legal details) may be sent to:
a. The owner's unit address 
b. A secondary address which should be communicated to Designated Agent above.
c. An email address which should be communicated to Designated Agent above.
d. Or posted in the locked bulletin board near the mail center in cases of meeting agendas or operational notices."