Emergency Contact Info:
Should a HOA homeowner emergency require immediate attention, please contact the LCHOA Property Manager:    
Patti Walters (805) 689-8485.
You may also use any of the listed vendors below but are also welcome to use any licensed, bonded contractor of your choice.
If you have water intrusion in your unit from a neighboring unit, or if water is leaking from your unit:
  1. Attempt to contact your neighbor(s) to alert them of the problem, or the unit owner. Therefore, You are ENCOURAGED TO OBTAIN contact information for your neighbors (upstairs and downstairs) from the Association Manager.  
  2. Call a plumber if one has not already been contacted (Contact Info for plumbers familiar with LCHOA are listed Below)
  3. Contact someone for emergency clean-up services if needed.
  4. Contact PWalters Co at (805) 689-8485 to alert Management of the problem and let them know what action you’ve taken. A determination of responsibility will be made once the contractors have identified the source of the problem. If you are responsible for the repairs, you may wish to contact your insurance company. You may also pay for services directly.
Suggested service providers (not mandatory - There is no official HOA Plumber or other Trades people):
  • Pacheco Plumbing: (Joel) (805) 331-7367
  • J & S Plumbing: (John Stevens) (805) 698-0074
  • Express Rooter & Plumbing: (Burt Short) (805) 684-2277
  • Kyle Walker: (805) 705-7231 (Lives on property)
  • Mountain Plumbing (Paulo Sena) (805) 390-2540
  • Proficient Electric: (805) 729 1456
  • The Gas Company (800) 655-4555 or (800) 684-8123
  • Southern CA Edison (800) 427-2200
  • Carpinteria Glass (805) 684-6657
  • Electrician: Michael Cabezudo (805)-403-2780
  • Licensed General Contractor & Plumber: Kyle Walker: (805) 705-7231 (Lives on property)