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Las Canchas Homeowners' Association CC&Rs (Click link)
Owner's Manual & House Rules (Click link)
A "Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions" is referred to as "CC&Rs" or as a "Declaration."  The Davis-Stirling Act has a definition--it defines "Declaration" as a document that contains the information required by Sections 4250 and 4255. (Civ. Code §4135.) Section 4250 states that a declaration must contain a legal description of the common interest development, and a statement that the common interest development is a community apartment project, condominium project, planned development, stock cooperative, and must additionally set forth the name of the association and the restrictions on the use or enjoyment of property. (Civ. Code §4250.)
Houses Rules are a simpler guideline for homeowner abidance. Under Civil Code 4205, CC&Rs take precedence over rules. CC&Rs are more permanent in nature, since a vote of the homeowners is required to amend that document.