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Las Canchas Homeowners' Association has Construction Guidelines for property alterations, modifications and improvements to homeowner property. Therefore, a Construction Modification Application Form must submitted to the Board's Building Committee 10 days prior to a schedule Board Meeting whereupon the Building Committee will submit their recommendation. The Construction Modification Application Form requires information on the licensed contractors and all associated building permits on the the proposed modifications, along with exacting details (e.g. plan drawings, schematics) on what alterations are to be pursued.
Construction Guidelines are HOA policies and procedures for alterations, modifications and improvements to an owners' property, common areas, and exclusive use common areas. Guidelines also often include subjective aesthetic considerations. Construction Guidelines provide detail to matters that may or may not be covered in the CC&Rs. For example, the CC&Rs may not cover modification to gas oven procedures or acoustical standards but both can be included in the construction standards.
Construction Modification Application FORM 
LCHOA Construction Guidelines 
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Sound Barrier Rules for Floor Underlayment  
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